In Loving Memory



Angel was adopted from a local humane society by Mindy and Jim Storen. She was 4 years old at the time. She was the most loving and obedient girl and we just have no idea how she could have ended up in the shelter, although she was very athletic and could jump a 6’ fence. However, unlike our huskies, she never went far. We lost our precious Angel in 2008; she was approximately 15 years old. Run free, sweet Angel! We miss you!

~Mindy Storen~


ZoreZore Ardaeulla (means: Princess Ardent-will)
5/20/95 – 4/18/09

From the first time I saw her at 5 weeks old, I was completely enamored by her curiosity, spunk and those gorgeous blue eyes. With few exceptions she was by my side from 8 weeks old to just a month shy of 14 years. In that time she provided unconditional love and innumerable smiles and she taught me much about patience along the way. She was my ‘people’ dog, loving all she met, but also full of grace in sharing life with Bear, a rescue who became her companion and frequent partner-in-crime. I could fill a small book with stories of her antics, but a favorite memory is of her habit of ever so carefully carrying her food dish, so as not to spill the contents, to wherever it was that she decided she wanted to eat and then laying down and tipping the kibble out of the dish a few at a time so she could eat in leisure. Her personality was obvious at 5 weeks and she lived up to her name. She was truly special, absolutely irreplaceable, and I am blessed to have had her in my life -- and to have been led to CTHAA through her passing.

~Joanna Hunter~


BearBear, ??? – 4/17/10

Bear was my first rescue dog. He was about two years old when adopted in 1999 and his background was unknown. What was known was that he clearly trusted his dog pals more than humans. With time, patience, and much encouragement by his new ‘big sis’ Zore, he learned to relish the good life – hanging out in the yard chasing squirrels, sleeping on the couch, adventures (approved and unapproved), and lots and lots of hugs. Bear remained shy with people and was a true omega in pack terms. But he was protective of those he loved, while being the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve known. He and Zore can now run free together beyond the rainbow bridge.

~Joanna Hunter~



We adopted Maggie in September, 2010. She was approximately 7 years old at the time. We could tell how well she had been taken care of, as she fit right into our home in no time, and made friends with her big brother Luke. She would always greet us at the door every time we came home, with the typical husky bark/howl. She was always so excited to see us. This was our first female husky, and our favorite story about her was how we would take her and Luke for walks and get ice cream. They would give mini ice cream cones out for dogs. Luke would down his in about 3 seconds flat. Maggie, however, was such a lady and would take about 5 minutes, as she would politely sit there and lick every bit of ice cream off the cone before finally finishing it off. Such a little princess. Sadly, we lost Maggie very suddenly in November 2010 after a very short illness. Everyone was shocked. Although we only had her for about three months, I know we gave her tons of love, and she gave it back, and then some.

Rest in peace, Baby Girl. Keep Sam and Travis in line up there.
~Adam Knox and Ken Arnold~



Jake came to us 2 and 1/2 years ago - early spring 2009. His adjustment into a neighborhood of 4 female canines never seemed to bother him, it was as though he had his own harem. It was funny the first couple of weeks with us when you would hear "clunk, clunk, clunk" as his tail would hit the beams of the deck as he ran underneath. Jake was a "gentle giant" that would come and lean into you and wait for you to pet him. He was tolerant of the beagles and put up with Jezabel's insatious need to run the fence line. But his true friend was Sedona and he would always leave a couple bites of his breakfast for her. She laid by his side for his last few nights with us. I am so grateful for having had Jake in our family.

~Terri Palazzolo~


Ivan and BlazeIvan and Blaze

Blaze (adopted from Nancy Wolfe's Kennel in Ohio in 2001) and Ivan (from CTHAA in 2007) were adopted by Christina Stark. Blaze was a year old at the time, full of spunk and attitude. There was no doubt that he was special – unlike many dogs he preferred to be in the house, taking over the furniture or camped under my desk. His favorite place was the local Metro Park where he would bound around like a jack rabbit, hunting in the weeds and marking every leaf, twig and tree in sight…lol! Blaze and Ivan met at Mindy's, a friendship that made them brothers and eventually made us a family of three. Ivan was the mature one (already 5 when he came to CTHAA); he was loving, loyal, and an absolutely wonderful companion. His stature and those beautiful almond-shaped amber eyes attracted so many! He had his share of physical challenges but he always seemed to put those visits to the vet behind him and persevere. Blaze crossed over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly on August 25, 2011 and Ivan went to met him on March 3, 2012. Losing them leaves a big hole in my heart but I find solace in knowing that we created so much joy together.

~Christina Stark~